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Auto-service giant Bridgestone invests in Seattle mobile car repair startup Wrench

Key CEO Ed Peterson. (Key photo)

In just four years, Wrench has grown from a start-up with 30 employees in Seattle to a full-service operation in dozens of cities. Today, it is forging a partnership with tire and maintenance giant Bridgestone, which has just completed a new round of investment in the company. Wrench declined to say exactly how much he raised.

The new partnership will combine Wrench’s mobile services platform with the more than 2,200 automotive service stores of Bridgestone Americas, the US subsidiary of Bridgestone.

Wrench employs “mobile mechanics” in 40 metropolitan areas across the country who come to the customer to perform repair work without a physical store or dealership, by booking through an app. In addition, Wrench provides access to road towing, vehicle aesthetics, tire installation and used car inspection before purchase.

There are approximately 285 employees at Wrench, about half of whom are mechanics, and more than 5,000 inspectors on its platform.

In recent years, Wrench has acquired several companies which have developed its offer or attracted competitors.

Last year, Wrench acquired auto inspection company Lemon Squad, further strengthening its auto inspection arm, and forged a partnership with Tirescanner, an online tire retailer and mobile tire installation service. Wrench also acquired rivals Fiix from Toronto and Octobots from Chicago.

The new partnership will allow Bridgestone stores to provide Wrench powered mobile vehicle service appointments. The companies will detail their integration plans later this year, according to a statement from Bridgestone.

“Our partnership with Bridgestone will help accelerate the digital transformation of the industry. This allows the two companies to expand our customer offerings, while jointly developing our technologies and expertise in vehicle maintenance, ”said the CEO of Wrench. Ed peterson said in A declaration.

Wrench’s revenue for its fleet vehicle service exploded during the pandemic, increasing 300% year-over-year in 2020, due to strong demand among delivery vehicles.

Wrench had already raised $ 20 million in June. Madrona Venture Group, Tenaya Capital, Vulcan Capital, Alumni Venture Group and Arnold Venture Group also participated in the final round, according to a spokesperson for Wrench.

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