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Dealer or handyman? Where should you go for repair, maintenance of your car

SAN ANTONIO – With the prices of new and used cars soaring, more and more people are trying to keep their old cars for longer. To do this, Ian Karr, a class car enthusiast, says good maintenance is essential.

“Class cars are like classic people,” he said. “The older we get, the more maintenance we need. “

Even modern cars need routine maintenance and occasional repairs. So where do you get it? Or should you just roll up your sleeves?

If your vehicle is under warranty, Consumer Reports says to always take it to the dealership for covered repairs. Also, they tend to have the latest tools and training for the particular model.

“You should always take your car to a dealership for recall work and any issues with safety systems, including repairing airbags and seat belts,” said Ryan Pszczolkowski, automotive expert for Consumer Reports. “This is due to the ever increasing complexity of hardware and software. “

He also recommends the dealership for anything related to the infotainment system.

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For less complex repairs, like brakes, suspension, spark plugs, and even an alternator, he says you can save money by going to a trusted independent mechanic. They generally have lower labor costs and can reduce costs by using spare parts.

For the simpler jobs where parts are readily available and inexpensive, Consumer Reports says doing it yourself can save you money. These tasks would include things like changing air filters, wiper blades, and even headlights.

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