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European car rental giant takes over Liverpool company


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Liverpool-based car rental company ER Capital, under the name Easirent, has been acquired by European giant Leasys, for an undisclosed amount.

Easirent is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK short-term rental and mobility industry, with the introduction of innovative products like CityCar247, which enables a fully digital customer journey and contactless rental.

Leasys, based in Rome, is a subsidiary of FCA Bank – a 50/50 joint venture between automotive giant Stellantis and Crédit Agricole – and was established in September 2001. Stellantis also owns the Vauxhall brand and has guaranteed earlier this month the future of Ellesmere Harbor manufacturing. in Cheshire and its 1,100 employees, for an investment of £ 100million.

With the acquisition and upcoming rebranding of Easirent and its more than 20 stores, Leasys, one of the leading mobility and rental operators in Europe, said it is confirming its leading role as player in 360-degree mobility also in the United Kingdom.

Leasys has announced its intention to consolidate its presence in the UK – where it is already ranked in the top 20 of the prestigious FN50 ranking of the most important long-term rental providers – and to expand its range of innovative products.

Giacomo Carelli, Managing Director of FCA Bank SpA and Chairman of Leasys SpA, said: “The signing of this agreement continues to strengthen our role as a leader in 360 degree mobility in the UK and continental Europe.

“Easirent offers excellence in short-term rental and will allow us, through Leasys, to play an even more important role as a global and integrated player in the new field of mobility – in particular aimed at hybrid vehicles and electric, thanks to the impressive automotive range of Stellantis – the expansion of the fleet and the innovative service for our customers.

Paul Hanley, Managing Director of ER Capital, said: “The Easirent team and I look forward to our new relationship with Leasys.

“Being part of the Stellantis family gives us access to multiple brands, supplying a fleet to our current and planned branches across the UK. This is an exciting chapter in our business, which we are all delighted to be a part of.

Active in the UK market since 2017, Leasys UK has benefited from 20 years of long-term rental experience acquired through FCA Contract Managements, its predecessor company.

These beginnings were marked by five years of continuous growth in the FN50 ranking, rising to 17th place last year, with the introduction of new solutions such as Leasys Miles, the innovative long-term rental solution based on a payment-type device. in use.

Under the leadership of Managing Director Sebastiano Fedrigo, Leasys UK has grown a further 30% over the past two years.

Already present in 12 European countries in the long-term rental and integrated mobility sector, Leasys also offers short and medium-term car rental services in Italy, France, Spain and now in the United Kingdom through its own subsidiaries, as well as in the rest of Europe via the Stellantis dealer network.

It intends to open new subsidiaries in Europe in 2021 and reach a total fleet of 400,000 vehicles by the end of the same year, compared to around 350,000 today.

The company will also open 400 new Leasys Mobility Stores by the end of 2021, increasing from more than 600 today to 1,000 across Europe.

Leasys Mobility Stores offer a full range of mobility services and an extensive network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to support the electrification of new Stellantis vehicles.

In this context, Leasys says it is committed to smart and sustainable mobility solutions to offer immediate benefits to customers.

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