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RepairSmith Auto Repair Service Expands to Major US Cities

RepairSmith, an El Segundo-based in-home auto repair service, has grown in popularity since its launch in 2019, with more than 100,000 completed appointments.

And on Thursday, the company announced a $ 42 million Series B raise that will grow and expand with the goal of operating in all major metropolitan areas in the United States by next year.

The company now operates in 650 cities in six states, including California.

“Finally, we believe there is a team that is bringing mobile service and repair into the digital age, using a robust technology platform backed by world-renowned automotive partners,” said Ziad Ghandour, Founder of TI Capital, in a press release announcing the increase. . “RepairSmith is uniquely positioned to transform the market. ”

TI Capital has invested with Mercedes-Benz, Porsche Ventures and Spring Mountain Capital.

In cities where RepairSmith operates, customers can schedule an appointment for a technician to come to their home on the RepairSmith website.

RepairSmith also offers business-to-business services, with car rental companies and car dealerships among the types of businesses they serve. Yet the majority of RepairSmith’s services cater to individual car owners.

One of the company’s main selling points is that every RepairSmith technician is a company employee rather than a contractor. This decision was made to ensure the quality of each technician, keep up with the competition and avoid legal issues regarding the distinction between an employee and a contractor.

In a statement, co-founder and CEO Joel Milne said, “The independent auto repair market has not changed for 50 years and is ripe for massive disruption.”

Ghandour and John L. Steffens of Spring Mountain Capital will also join RepairSmith’s board of directors.

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