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Rivian Community, ELMS Electric Van, Foxconn, Fisker and Lordstown: Automotive News Today

Rivian sells directly, like Tesla, but targets the community. The factory that built generations of Hummers now makes Chinese electric vans. And could the iPhone maker produce both Lordstown Motors’ electric pickup and a future Fisker EV in Ohio? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Foxconn of Taiwan, the iPhone and other consumer electronics supplier, is in the process of making a deal with Lordstown Motors to buy the old GM plant in Ohio and lease part of it to Lordstown . He would then oversee manufacturing of the Endurance electric truck there, as well as Fisker’s $ 30,000 electric vehicle. Henrik Fisker also confirmed that the deal could potentially mean an earlier launch for the affordable electric vehicle.

The plant in Indiana that originally spawned the military Humvees for AM General, and then gas-guzzling Hummer trucks for GM, has started fitting out Chinese electric vans. Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS) this week announced the first deliveries of its pickup truck to customers, claiming it is the first Class 1 electric utility vehicle available in the United States.

Like Tesla, Rivian forgoes the traditional franchise-franchise model and sells directly to customers. But while there is a lot in common with Tesla, Rivian wants more of a community aspect, defined with membership.

And more at Driving authority: Fisker created a new division, called Fisker Magic Works, which produce special versions of Fisker vehicles and create vehicles “outside the boundaries of established industry segments”. It is headed by former Aston Martin executive David King.


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