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Selfdrive UAE car rental app debuts in Oman

Dubai: Selfdrive car rental app, part of Pinewoods Technology Services, is expanding its presence in Oman to provide direct access to a dealer’s fleet to its users. Using the app, users can subscribe for the month or rent a car for up to three years.

The company’s user base has crossed 50,000 customers in the UAE, growing 30% month-over-month in the past six months. Now starting its expansion into Oman, the company is also entering regional and international markets including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UK and Europe.

“Sharing borders, the Sultanate serves as a strategic location to serve tourists and residents,” Soham Shah, CEO and co-founder of Selfdrive. “There is a lot of travel between the UAE and Oman, and as such having a presence in the country was a natural fit. As the first technological player to be present in this market, we are convinced that the future looks bright. “

In Oman, Selfdrive will partner with car rental companies and car dealers, giving them better market access through the use of technology. The app is built on a proprietary technology core concept, Search – Select – Pay, which uses AI to match customer profiles with the cars they would like to drive and rent. This app is available for download on Android and iOS with several models available from major automotive brands.

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