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South Africa’s first Volkswagen Golf GTI sold for Avis car rental

Avis is the first customer to take delivery of the new GTI.

Brand new deliveries Volkswagen Golf GTI started in South Africa, the first customer being Avis car rentals. German brand confirms 1,000 customers have shown keen interest in new product when pre-order campaign launches in July.

“Part of our success as a brand is attributed to sales in the rental industry. Volkswagen has the highest share of passenger cars in the rental market, at 34%. Avis remains a key strategic partner for the Volkswagen brand, as it accounts for 50% of our sales through our rental channel, ”said Steffen Knapp, Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand manager.

Over 7,000 Volkswagen units are sold to Avis each year, which represents approximately 10 percent of the annual total of Volkswagen vehicles sold in South Africa.

“2021 is a special year for Volkswagen and Avis as we celebrate 50 years of partnership. We are proud of the growth of the partnership between the two organizations since its humble beginnings in 1971. We are also delighted to be the first customer to take delivery of the Golf 8 GTI in South Africa, which will be an important model of our OPINION Luxury. Fleet of Cars ”, Rebone Motsatsi, Avis Executive Car Rental Operations.

The partnership between Volkswagen and Avis began in January 1971 with the delivery of 96 units of the 1300 Beetle. A year later, Avis tripled the order which included 1,600cc Beetles, Type 4s and Microbuses. In 1981, Volkswagen sold its 10,000th car to the rental company which was a Golf. In 1996, the company became Volkswagen’s largest customer when a record 3,805 vehicles were delivered to it during that year. In 2008 Volkswagen delivered the 100,000th vehicle and to date more than 200,000 units have been delivered.

In 2020, the Golf range was the best-selling hatchback segment with a share of 29.1%. Volkswagen says the eighth-generation Golf GTI is set to continue the success of the hot hatch.

Article written by Nikesh Kooverjee

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