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Worried about rising car rental prices? Try this alternative.

Putting a brake on high car rental prices could mean speeding up your income. How to Skip Traditional Car Rentals increases car owners’ bank accounts.

SAN ANTONIO – Car rental prices are driving up the cost of vacations these days due to high demand and limited supply.

“We’re seeing incredible prices – $ 1,000 for a few days of a rental car, even a compact car – and in some cases just no inventory where businesses are completely sold out,” said Nick Ewen, editor. by The Point Guy.

Travelers are also finding that they may not be able to depend on ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft.

“They are experiencing their own scarcity and some of their own high prices,” Ewen said.

Instead, many travelers turn to carpooling services. They look a lot like Airbnb, but for your car. Travelers can hire cars from Avail at their destination without having to worry about age restrictions or additional costs for a second driver.

Plus, it comes with Full Coverage Insurance from Allstate included in the cost. Still, the best advantage might be the price.

“We have been really, really committed to keeping prices manageable and affordable,” said Alex David of Avail. “We put price caps on our services so that we don’t end up in situations where people have to pay $ 730 per day for a car like you might have seen in Hawaii or people end up having to rent a car. U-Haul.

He said Avail is putting unused cars on the road and money in the pockets of car owners in 15 cities.

“The average American spends almost $ 800 a month on their car, but it’s only used about 5% of the time,” David said. “So we have this really expensive thing that’s really misused and our mission is to make it more efficient and put significant dollars back in people’s pockets.”

Carsharing also accelerates income in popular tourist destinations like San Antonio. Farah Yussuf’s full-time job involves renting cars with another carsharing company called Turo. Having started with two vehicles, it has since expanded its fleet.

“In the past three months, I’ve earned over $ 15,000 just renting with Turo. That’s eight to nine cars, ”he said.

Yussuf quit his social media job during the pandemic after finding out he could make more money and work less by renting his cars.

“When I noticed that I would be working from home for maybe another year, my car was going to stay there and I would have to make payments, it really didn’t suit me,” Yussuf said.

He said he reduced his work week from 60 hours to around 15 hours while tripling his income.

“Some days I just don’t do anything and still make money,” Yussuf said. “I knew I had to give up my 9 to 5 to have time for this.”

However, he cautions that demand for rental cars tends to fluctuate, so car owners should be prepared for sudden stops in their income.

Drivers who use carsharing services should keep in mind if there are any risks with these rentals.

“If you rent a car from a private person, it’s a car, and if something goes wrong with that private car – unscheduled maintenance, accident of a former driver – where it will not be available to you, this owner doesn’t have a fleet of vehicles to shoot at, ”Ewen said.

Travelers who prefer traditional car rental companies should book their trip early.

“I never thought I would recommend travelers to book rental cars before booking flights or hotels, but this is where we are at,” Ewen said. “This is really important because you would hate to get a bargain price on a flight, vacation rental, or hotel room, only to find out you have to pay $ 100, $ 150 a day for a rental car.”

Join the car rental agency loyalty program. This will give you priority and help make sure the car is waiting for you when you arrive.

“This is a little tip that can save you time because you might not have to stand in line,” Ewen said. “You can potentially go straight to your car and find your rental agreement and the keys that are already waiting for you. If you are a member of the loyalty program, it can increase your chances that when you arrive at the airport the car will be available for you.

Save money on the price of a traditional car rental by checking out off-airport rental agencies.

“If you find that you’re trying to get to an airport that doesn’t have cars available or has them at a very high price, maybe look at a downtown location,” Ewen said.

Or see if a local car dealership at your destination will rent you a vehicle.

“They have loans when a vehicle owner brings a car in for service. Some of them actually offer rental services, ”Ewen said. “If you are going to a destination you are really not happy with the options or the prices, consider calling some of these dealers and you might find a lucky one who will get you a car.”

Travelers might also consider ditching a rental car all together.

“Ideally, if you can get to a place that is totally walkable and you can just take a taxi or use public transportation to get from the airport to the area where you are staying, that would be great,” said Ewen.

Another option is to opt for a holiday where you can use your own car.

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